The Hair Removal Center at Frederick's

Body Waxing

Eyebrow $13 to $23
Lip $12
Chin $10
Arms $30
Shoulders $25
Underarms $18
Lower Leg $32
Full Leg $65
Thigh $38
Stomach $10
Back or Chest $47
Bikini $30
Brazilian for Women $65 first time
  $52 maintenance
  (no more than 6 weeks)
Customized Brazilian (Pretty Kitty) Price upon consultation

Threading Hair Removal

Threading allows a more precise control on the shaping of eyebrows and is more gentle on the skin.
Eyebrow $15 to $20
Lip $12
Whole Face $50 & up
Sides of Face $25 & up
Chin $10 to $15
Underarms $30 & up
Arms $40 to $50
Lower Leg $50


Electrology is the science of permanent hair removal. Using state-of-the-art technology, a minute amount of electricity is gently applied to the base of the hair follicle. This process destroys the hair growth tissue. Therefore, the regenerative ability of the hair follicle is permanently eliminated.

Frederick's electrologist uses two methods of electrology:
  • Thermolysis or short-wave produces heat. When this modality is used it heats and destroys the hair growth cells in the follicle. This modality can be utilized in two ways:
    1. flash method of thermolysis uses high intensity current for less time in the follicle
    2. the current is used at lower intensity and longer timing
  • The blend method combines galvanic current with thermolysis current. Thermolysis heats up the chemical reaction in the follicle destroying hair growth cells.
  $35 for consultation
  $15 for 15 min