The Hair Removal Center at Frederick's

For Her - FACE

Eyebrows $13-$16
Upperlip/Lowerlip $12
Side Burns $15
Chin $10
Front of Neck $15
Full Face $44

For Her - BODY

Arms (full) $40
Arms (half) $28
Underarms $18
Legs (upper) $38
Back of Thighs $20
Legs (lower) $32
Legs (full) $60
Feet & Toes $15
Stomach (full) $25
Stomach (strip) $14
Chest (strip) $17
Buttocks $25
Back $58
--full, hairline to crack line
Upper Back $22
--hairline to bra strap
Mid Back $22
--bra strap to waistline
Lower Back $17
--waistline to crack line
Bikini Line $30
--a tidying of your panty line
Bikini (full) $38
--go a little further and remove as much or as little
off the front
Brazillian $65
Maintenance (no more than 6 weeks growth) $52
--for the total nude look from the front to the back.
You can personalize it with a small landing strip or triangle.
Brazillian Plus $80
--for those who need a little more hair removal from
the top portion of the thighs and the stomach strip
The Vagacial $50
--preps and pampers the skin between waxing to treat
and prevent ingrown hairs and even out skin tone
High Frequency $10
--to sanitize the area and treat deep rooted ingrown hairs

For Him - FACE

Neck (front) $15
Neck (back) $10
Ears $12
Eyebrows $13-$16
Nose $10
Upper Cheeks $10

For Him - BODY

Arms (full) $40
Arms (half) $28
Shoulders $25
Underarms $18
Chest (full) $32
Chest (strip) $19
Back $58
--full, hairline to crack line
Upper Back $22
--hairline to middle back
Mid Back $22
--from middle to waistline
Lower Back $17
--from waistline to crack
Fingers & Hands $15
Feet & Toes $15
Legs (full) $68
Legs (upper) $38
Legs (lower) $36
Stomach (full) $28
Stomach (strip) $14
Buttocks $25


Eyebrow $15-$20
Lip $12
Whole Face $50 & up
Sides of Face $15 & up
Chin $10-$15
Underarms $30 & up
Arms $40-$50
Lower Legs $50


Consultation $35
15 Minutes $15


We use the state of the art Candela Gentlemax Pro dual wavelength laser. This machine can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time.
Large Areas $300
--full legs, full arms, full back
Medium Areas $180
--half legs, half arms, half back, Brazillian, chest,
abs, full face
Small Areas $100
--bikini, underarms, lip/chin, neck
X-Small Areas $80
--fingers, toes, lips, chin, unibrow, ears