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Frederick's Day Spa Salon

The CBD Wellness Center Grand Opening

Frederick's Day Spa has been promoting healthier lifestyles to their beloved clientele for many years. We have always prided ourselves on only offering the highest quality in services and products. We offer the area's largest options of therapeutic spa services.  A little over a year ago, before CBD started it's rise to fame Frederick's was already embracing the healing powers of CBD by incorporating the hemp-derived oil into various spa services, such as massages, facials, and pedicures.  After receiving an overwhelming response of encouraging reviews from our clients who had felt and seen results from these services, we knew we had just scratched the surface of something life changing!

As the positive feedback was rolling in, we began offering CBD sublingual tinctures, gummies, cream, and a vape option. This allowed clients to continue their use of CBD Oil on a convenient, daily basis to bring homeostasis to the body. An overwhelming majority of clients have reported significant relief from pain and anxiety, better sleep, along with feeling better overall.

When you begin to research CBD and its benefits it can seem like an endless task. Right now, there is more info and studies being done about CBD and Hemp than ever before! Studies have shown that when used regularly CBD can greatly improve our overall well-being. Despite endless studies and testimonies on its life-changing capabilities, Hemp derived CBD is currently not FDA regulated, even though it is legal in all 50 states. Due to the lack of FDA regulation purchasing CBD can be overwhelming, especially with so many different options and so many companies making false claims about their products. At the CBD Wellness Centerwe want to make things easy for you, after all, finding natural relief shouldn't be so complicated! We have educated ourselves to the fullest on everything about cannabinoids (CBD) from the hemp plant to its rich medicinal history. Frederick's Day Spa has had classes with staff to discuss and educate about CBD, we have attended workshops and webinars, and have most recently attended the National CBD Expo in Indianapolis.

At the expo, we got direct education from the leading doctors, lawyers, and farmers in the hemp industry! While we were at the Expo we got the opportunity to try some of the best quality CBD products available, these are the products we offer at our CBD Wellness Center. Every product here is grown in the USA, is organic, vegan, GMO-free, and third-party tested for accuracy and purity. We now have over 30 different forms of CBD including edibles, gel capsules, patches, nasal spray, teas, tinctures, flower and pre-rolls, breath mints, dip pouches, vapes, dietary fiber supplements, pet treats, pet tinctures, lotions, sprays, balms, massage oil, soaps, facial cleanser, facial serum, and bath bombs. The way you consume CBD ultimately comes down to what you feel is right for you and what fits into your lifestyle. We believe CBD is for everyone! It is because of that belief we have the largest selection of CBD options

I know, you're probably asking yourself why would a salon/spa be so into hemp, how did we go from selling make-up and curling wands to now having a fully stocked CBD Wellness Center? The answer is very simple, we LOVE making people feel BETTER! As a massage therapist, an esthetician, or a pedicurist,  at the end of your appointment all we really want is for you to feel your best! Feeling your best is exactly what regular use of CBD allows you to do.

The staff at the CBD Wellness Center at Frederick’s Day Spa is dedicated to guiding you along your CBD journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We invite you to come to our grand opening on April 24, 2019, for a special CBD educational night.  The grand opening will be from 5:00-7:00 PM in our Wellness Center. We are located at 109 Edgington Lane, Wheeling WV.